Agriculture and Forestry Research

Articles written as part of the Agriculture and Natural Resources Marketing Team at Mississippi State University. The marketing team creates all content for four university entities: Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, Mississippi State University Forest and Wildlife Research Center, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and College of Forest Resources.

From Row Crop To Runway

From the field to fabric, from row-crop to runway, cotton plays a pivotal role in dozens of industries. Scientists in the Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Experiment from agronomists to geneticists to plant pathologists to economists to fashion design and merchandising experts conduct vital research and provide students the baseline they need no matter which way they choose to contribute to the massive footprint cotton has in the global marketplace.

Targeting Tomatoes

The most common garden vegetable is also a staple in research laboratories at Mississippi State. From herbicide tolerance to gene modification, tomatoes are being studied to help farmers grow the popular fruit with fewer losses or injuries to the plants. Dr. Sorina Popescu, assistant professor in biochemistry, molecular biology, entomology and plant pathology, is working to understand how tomato plants respond to pathogens at the molecular level, and editing the plants using CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats) technology.

Starkville Daily News

Starkville Daily News, the daily newspaper for the city of Starkville, Miss., serves an area with about 50,000 residents. While serving as Lifestyles Reporter, Connor wrote news and feature stories focusing on the topics of art, culture, food, health, religion and technology.